Yuhao Li (李毓浩)

Yuhao Li

I am a second-year (2021-present) PhD student in the theory group of Computer Science Department, Columbia University. I am very fortunate to be advised by Prof. Xi Chen and Prof. Rocco Servedio.

Before this, I got the B.Sc. degree in computer science from Peking University in 2021, where I was advised by Prof. Xiaotie Deng on algorithmic game theory.

My research interests broadly lie in theoretical computer science.

I am currently exploring complexity worlds, including complexity of total search problems, proof complexity, computational learning theory, and property testing.

I am always glad to hear comments and chat! Please feel free to reach out!


  • Optimal Private Payoff Manipulation against Commitment in Extensive-form Games (arXiv)
  • Insightful Mining Equilibria (arXiv)
  • Improved Upper Bounds for Finding Tarski Fixed Points (arXiv, EC)
  • Tight Incentive Analysis on Sybil Attacks to Market Equilibrium of Resource Exchange over General Networks (PDF, EC)
  • On Tightness of the Tsaknakis-Spirakis Algorithm for Approximate Nash Equilibrium (arXiv, SAGT)
  • Limiting the Deviation Incentives in Resource Sharing Networks (AAMAS, APJOR)
  • Tightening up the incentive ratio for resource sharing over the rings (IPDPS)
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